Backlit Digital Display

Rated Up To 1000 Uses

2 X AAA Batteries Included

Auto Power Off

Audible Alert

Small Compact Size Fits Anywhere

Easy to Read Results

Mini LED Torch Light

Advanced Oxide Sensor

Quick Response and Resume Time


  1. Press power button and wait 10 seconds until screen reads “Blow”
  2. Blow steady stream of air within 2 inches of top opening for 3-7 seconds.
  3. Check results.

SAFE Under 0.02% BAC

CAUTION 0.02% - 0.05% BAC

DANGER 0.05% and Greater BAC



* Personal Breath Alcohol Testers are designed for informational purposes only. Test results are only an estimation of your blood alcohol and are not legally accepted. The results given by this breath tester gives BAC for reference only, manufacturer does not take any legal responsibility. Accepted test are performed by qualified technicians, using professional grade equipment that is calibrated frequently. When in doubt about your ability to drive safely, do not drive.